Towards Environmental Management

As a responsible part of the society, we take utmost care in all our day to day activities to minimize pollution and safe guard the environment. We take the following steps to prevent any damage to the environment:

  • We keep all our sites free from plastic and any harmful chemical disposals.
  • We try our best not to cut down the trees at our construction site.
  • We maintain our vehicles and equipment from time to time to avoid pollution through their exhausts.
  • We always maintain our yard green with plants and trees.

Occupational Health and Safety:

We are considered one of the best employers in terms of maintaining occupational health and Safety. We strictly follow the following norms at our construction sites:

  • As soon as we sign a contract, we register the project with OSHO.
  • We provide all the necessary safety gear like overalls, safety boots, helmets, gloves, safety goggles, safety belts etc. at all our construction sites.
  • We take assistance from rangers when we work in remote sites where there is presence of wild life.
  • All our sites are provided with necessary medicines and a first aid box. Our stores keepers are trained to do the first aid.
  • We make tie ups with the nearest local hospitals for any sort of medical assistance to our staff working at sites.
  • We provide AIDS awareness sessions and free condoms to our staff at sites.