Manpower & Resources

A professional manpower consisting experienced engineers, financial experts and dedicated team of quality workers committed to our core values, star in our day-to-day functions. As a leading construction company of Tanzania, realize that, to perform better than competition, it must recruit and develop employees having skills and talents to respond to the opportunities associated with construction work.

So, we focus on developing employees from within, however our growth allows us to seek qualified individuals from outside our company to contribute new ideas and approaches to designing, construction, evaluating and executing our projects. Our managers and workforce are all men of considerable trade experience and know how to convert even the most complex of designs into reality on site with the maximum co-operation and minimum fuss. We enjoy working for/with leading architects & consultants.

We have the entire required workforce to execute any size of projects in the fields we operate. Our workforce is very much committed to the quality, workmanship and timely deliveries to our clients. We understand client’s needs better and always extend our full technical support to give out best outputs, more economically.

Presently, we have employed 34 technical staff as Asst. Project Managers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Site In-charges, Land Surveyors, QA/QS Supervisors, and Technicians etc. Apart from these, we have employed 480 members in non-technical grade who are working as foremen, gang men, masons, carpenters, steel fixers, office clerks, store keepers, operators, drivers, fabricators, welders, etc and other unskilled casual workforce.

Yard, Stores, Workshop & Garage:

The company owns 10.5 acres of yard in Arusha city center which accommodates 650 Sqm of our head office, 7500 Sqm of storage go downs, 6000 Sqm of workshops and 300 Sqm of garage.

Our workshop acts like a backbone to all our construction activities by supporting with all mechanical fabrications like steel structural columns, trusses, towers for overhead tanks, staircases, reinforcement cutting & bending, huge penstocks for irrigation works, underground tanks etc., wood works like making trusses, doors, windows, joinery and furniture etc.

We are well experienced and capable of fabricating any steel structure as per design and to required standards at our workshop and can also install the same at any locations in Tanzania.